Letter no 1- Exhibition

The Work: Concept and Curator


A gesture, a declaration of love, a letter from me to the artist.
An exhibition and publication with the work of photographer René Schmalschläger


The Work: co-Curator and programmanager in association with Odapark for MINDMAP– a manifestation about Visual Art and Psychiatry in Venray

The artists i had ‘under my wings’ were: Philip Akkerman, Franco Angeloni (IT), Sara Asnaghi (IT), Silvia B., Hans van Bentem, Mitsy Groenendijk, KAMP HORST, Kiki Lamers, Annaleen Louwes, Daniel Maalman and Paul de Reus.

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The Work: Concept and Curator w/ SARATIMNTRUST
at the Kunstvlaai in Amsterdam

Together with my fellow artists at SARATIMTRUST, we presented a site-specific installation with the work of photographer Danielle van Ark. read more


The Work: Curator and SARATIMTRUST (STT) resident
exhibitions & event during the Museumnight in Rotterdam

Participating in the Museumnight festival in Rotterdam, our projectspace SARATIMTRUST went for EXCESS; lust, exuberance, music, meat, too much booze, grande dames and tiny men.
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The Work: Curator ‘Visual Arts’ and moderator for all participating Art institutes for the yearly festival in Rotterdam

For the second time, and in name of Mothership, i had a great time coordinating the artprogram and curating several public art projects for the Wereld van Witte de Withfestival. The theme that year was ‘There are limits’ (‘Er zijn grenzen’)

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MSLM – the exhibition

The Work: Curator and Projectleader in collaboration w/ showroom MAMA

If fashion is the face of a society, than ours has changed in the past years. Is it a new subculture popping up? What it is, is a group of people with a religious cultural background who are showing it off. read more


The Work: Curator / Director at Blaak10 Academygallery in Rotterdam

Five years of HuMobism was a road i walked with Gyz and (especially) Rufus every step of their way. I love them and feel honoured to have been able to make this show “Een Ander Level”.
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The Work: Concept / Curator / Director at Blaak10 Academygallery in Rotterdam

“Ciao Nykarleby – a show about going to Finland and getting naked” is an exhibition with the work of Hidde van Schie, Martijn van Berkum and Silvia Vergeer; a painter, a visual artist and read more


The Work: Originator/ Curator/ Organizer in collaboration w/ BEP

For the exhibition in the BEP theatre on the Rotte I wanted to link the artists by making up a fairytale with them. Each of the artists or collectives made an artpiece to one part of the story.
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The Work: Organizer/ Curator/ Contributor in collaboration w/ MORGEN

The Place: May 2003/ Maus Habitos/ Porto/ Portugal

Together with the guys from MORGEN we presented over 30 young Rotterdam-based artists during a month long art and music extravaganza at the cultural projectspace Maus Habitos in the centre of Porto.

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