Letter no 1- Exhibition

The Work: Concept and Curator


A gesture, a declaration of love, a letter from me to the artist.
An exhibition and publication with the work of photographer René Schmalschläger

I went through thousands of Rene’s photos to create the first out of a series of exhibitions that are declarations of love – ‘Letter No. 1’.

Also a ‘magazine’, containing the letter, has been made.


‘You moved me from the get go. When our friend introduced us. When our friend left us.
No need for explanation. But what I want you to know is, that right there at that moment is where we met in life.
And right there is where I met your art. And I love LOVE your art.’
x, Natasa

With this project I want to express my personal relation to the work instead of bringing out the artist’s point of view, making it more subjective but very focused.

fotos:Frank hanswijk©

Opening  saturday March 16th 16:00 till 20:00 in projectspace SARATIMTRUST (March 16th – March 30th 2013)