MSLM – the exhibition

The Work: Curator and Projectleader in collaboration w/ showroom MAMA

If fashion is the face of a society, than ours has changed in the past years. Is it a new subculture popping up? What it is, is a group of people with a religious cultural background who are showing it off.

Focussing on the randstad (Western Netherlands), our schools, our cities and streets are filled with brown eyes, brown hair, Middle-Eastern traditional clothes and scarfs. Noone has really adressed this fact outside of a political or social opinion, focussing on problems and differences.
I wanted to approach it with a more open view, NOT focussing on differences, and with a fashionable view on a group in our society called MOSLIMA’s. Mostly second generation, muslim, female, young, strong and fashionminded!

Being integrated in the Dutch society with their own trends, codes and fashion, these girls are part of a (in a sense..) revolutionary fashion movement. The 21th century clash between ‘covering’ Eastern and ‘seducing’ Western fashion.


I addressed this with an exhibition in showroom MAMA and a publication, in the form of, ofcourse, a fashionmagazine.