The Work: Organizer/ Curator/ Contributor in collaboration w/ MORGEN

The Place: May 2003/ Maus Habitos/ Porto/ Portugal

Together with the guys from MORGEN we presented over 30 young Rotterdam-based artists during a month long art and music extravaganza at the cultural projectspace Maus Habitos in the centre of Porto.


The artists are characterized by interdisciplinary collaborations and strong cultural initiative. For them the Trans_Hábitos from Rotterdam festival not only represents a platform but also – and more importantly – a meeting place and breeding ground for the development of new collaborations. During the festival the artists will employ diverse disciplines in various settings. The represented disciplines include performance, music, graphic design, fashion, sculpture, painting, audio-visual and installation art.
The collaboration between MORGEN and Maus Hábitos began in 2001, the year in which Rotterdam and Porto shared the honour of Cultural Capital of Europe. This was an excellent opportunity for MORGEN, a collective of ambitious Rotterdam-based cultural entrepreneurs, to broaden its horizons. During the first exchange in 2001 plans were developed to connect both networks and to engage in international co-operation. In the Portuguese artists’ initiative Maus Hábitos, MORGEN has found a soul mate.