The Work: Curator / Director at Blaak10 Academygallery in Rotterdam

Five years of HuMobism was a road i walked with Gyz and (especially) Rufus every step of their way. I love them and feel honoured to have been able to make this show “Een Ander Level”.

The HuMobisten, an art and design duo from Rotterdam, have been around for five years. The HuMobisten (the name is a contraction of ‘humor’ and ‘mind your own business-ism’) are Rufus .K and Gyz la Rivière. They call themselves serious pranksters who make art and design that is mostly about themselves and the absurd world around us.
The HuMobisten don’t say no to any discipline. They have made performances and installations for five years. Film, video, fashion, photography, poetry, music and other audio, workshops and even painting has been a part of their substantial oeuvre. Also their work can be seen in the Rotterdam streets in the shape of flyers, posters, t-shirts and in magazines. They maintain a much visited web log ( in which they report their daily activities and visions to match.
Reason enough to stuff their seemingly jumbled oeuvre into one publication and present it in an exhibition ‘Another Level’ at the Blaak10 Academygallery.