RE:BUTTON – Haute-Culture live hyves project

The Work: Concept/ organizer in collaboration w/ Frank Hanswijk in projectspace SARATIMTRUST during the Museumnight in Rotterdam

Challenged by the Museumnight theme ‘Re:’ and our current ‘re’ interpetation of our art collective, we came up with a masterplan aka Haute-Culture live hyves project.


In the ‘tradition’ of social network sites we would give the visitors of the Rotterdam Museumnight the chance of befriending the ‘it’ girls and boys of the Rotterdam Art world.

Together with photographer and fellow SARATIMTRUST resident Frank Hanswijk, we portrait dozens of the local highbrow and hot new Art scene. Put their faces on badge and opened up shop for any visitor who wanted to join our network. Every visitor who wanted got their picture taken, put on a badge and became part of this growing club of Art makers and lovers.

Each member started with 5 badges. They could be’friend or de’friend as they pleased.


Photography: Frank Hanswijk