MSLM – the aftermath

The Work: Curator and Editor-in-Chief
The Place: 2006 – recent / all over the place

The MSLM project unleashed an unexpected international publicity frenzy.

And still today I get invited to react on the project and the theme. We even got a spot in the BBC programme ‘Women in Black’

Muslem girls from all over the world contacted us to express their enthousiasm and to urge for a follow up on the magazine. Sadly that never happend but you never know… The MSLM publication was sold from New York to Berlin and online.

The MSLM exhibit travelled to different cities in The Netherlands, like Amsterdam (Streetlab), Eindhoven (MU and WEI) and Enschede (Oostcultuur fest).


Filled with proudness i would like to share some of the reactions and publicity we got:

Fusion Muslim Chic Hits Europe’s Streets (INDONESIE)


Quote: “Seriously, what is happening out there? Or should I see their recent obsession with veils and burqas as fresh?” asks Natasa Heydra, a Rotterdam-based curator and publisher who started MSLM, an edgy, street-wise magazine featuring young Dutch Muslim women. “The problem is that designers don’t seem to get past that. Come on, this could be the start of a fashionable revolution.
“I would love to see traditional Muslim garments stripped from their historic and religious factors and worn for . . . well, their coolness, you know?…

by Robb Young for the International Herald Tribune of september 19th 2007


read New York Times online here and here