The Work: Producer and sparring-partner for the collectionpresentation of designer Iniy Sanchez, at the Keizersgracht in Amsterdam

Together with fashiondesigner Iniy Sanchez, I produced the presentation of her “11 pieces for loved ones” collection. She created 11 sweaters for 11 people who had a profound effect on her life and work.

The hand-knitted sweaters are mostly constructed from the yarns of existing sweaters that Iñiy has collected and worn throughout the years. After extensive research, different techniques are incorporated in the production of the sweaters – weaving, knitting, embroidery. Also, the contact between Sanchez and the wearer of the garment was of great importance. “The design of the sweater is a process that is heavily influenced by my relationship with the wearer – the garment can change while my relationship with the person gets stronger. That’s the beauty of a sweater – it has the potential to be deconstructed, re-designed and rebuilt again and again,” Sanchez explains.